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Mr. Anil

I have recently enrolled my child in aptismart. Although I was a bit hesitant in enrolling my kid at first, soon after a couple of classes, I found that the classes are extremely useful for kids that age. it helps them reason a lot of concepts and it makes everything taught in school to be understood in an easier and better way. I really feel classes like aptismart are needed in the coming ages because a lot of students rely on byhearting and studying just for the purpose of scoring marks rather than understanding the in-depth meaning of concepts they learn. I am glad to have chosen aptismart for my child

Mr. Bajaj

“ I think the best part of AptiSmart is how they keep the parents engaged during the course and make sure we know everything about what our child is learning.  ”

Mr. Raghav

"Aptismart helps to focus on improving the reasoning ability and improving mental capability of a child . they are taught in ways to help them understand the concepts of each topics . moreover they only take a limited number of students for each class and each student is given personal attention . they have a variety of courses and with each courses , varied according to difficulty level plus their class are extremely affordable too . so I have complete guarantee that aptismart is worth the money"

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AptiSmart - Start Early

Starting early to gain command over aptitude is like laying the basis for a strong future. Aptismart provides you with a platform where you do not just sit and wait for the opportunities to come but make way for gaining command over fundamentals of aptitude, which one cannot escape ever. Starting from grade 5th, experienced educators take live classes which are a blend of traditional teaching and modern technology to provide you with the best conceptual clarity. Learning is made fun and interesting by teaching on a whiteboard like an actual classroom. The courses are designed with respect to meeting the specific needs of a variety of students and topics covered overlap with many competitive examinations and olympiads. The student is continuously evaluated and doubt clearing sessions are taken after every lecture to enhance the understanding and develop effective communication. There are applications for the students and educators where a guided plan with an effective timetable is laid to be followed. In order to keep a track of the performance, attendance is done on an everyday basis and regular communication is held between the parents and the educator.