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A Unique credit system for Online Aptitude learning

Create a course as per your requirements

Choose what you want to learn

Steps of Creating Your Course

Step 1

Buy Credits

Step 2

Choose Topics

Step 3

Create Course

How Does the credit system work?

Every Topic is assigned some credits depending upon the complexity of the content , length of topic, number of examples and several other factors. 

A Student rather than buying one full course, will purchase a set of credits.

He/She  Can then choose only those topics that He/She wants to learn.

This saves the student Time, Money and effort

How many Credits can I Buy in a certain amount?

INR 5999  -  45 Credits

INR 9999  -  90 Credits

INR 11999  -  135 Credits

INR 16999  -  210 Credits

How do we know which topic has how many credits?

Here is the list of Topics along with the credits assigned to each topic


Where can we create the course?

What are Question Bank - Add Ons ?

For Every topic, there are a set of examples that will be explained during the class but if a student wants to learn extra questions, He/She can add a question bank for the particular course as well.

Each Question Bank will be Equal to 2 Credits

You can add question banks for multiple topics