Program Duration: Self paced ( Usually Takes 7-8 Hours to complete )


Prerequisite: MS Excel (Mandatory)

                           Other data analytics & Data visualization tools (Optional)


Take the mystery out of big data and learn what it’s like to produce business results with the  data analytics team


What is the Data Analytics Corporate Experience?


In this online program, you will get to complete similar work that  Graduates do at the industry level. You will learn what it is like working at one of the world’s best data analytics teams and build the skills required to excel as an analytics consultant.


Program Steps:


  • Enrol in the Corporate Experience Program
  • Start a module in a core practice area (The modules contain a project for you to complete )
  • Get  instructions from supervisor (Each task comes with  instructions from  an employee )
  • Complete task & share your work
  • Each task replicates the type of work corporate professionals do
  • Compare your work with Industry model answers



What you will do


  • Data Quality Assessment

    Assessment of data quality and completeness in preparation for analysis

    Practical skills you will gain from working on this module:

  1. Data Quality Analysis
  2. Analytical Dashboard Creation


  • Data Insights

    Targeting high value customers based on customer demographics and attributes.

    Practical skills you will gain from working on this module:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Customer Segmentation
  3. Data Driven Presentations



  • Data Insights and Presentation

    Using visualizations to present insights

    Practical skills you will gain from working on this module

  1. Data Dashboards
  2. Data Visualisations
  3. Presentations



The purpose of the Corporate Training Experience


The  Data Analytics Experience is designed to help you gain a practical insight into the work done at Industry Level and it is an opportunity for you to build your career skills and experience.

Data Analytics Corporate Experience Program

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