Program Duration: Self paced ( Usually Takes 7-8 Hours to complete )


Prerequisite: MS Excel 

                           MS Powerpoint


Why Join this program?


This program captures essentials that are paramount to project management (PM) roles. This course highlights the benefits of various PM methodologies and will teach you the characteristics of an effective project manager.


Program Steps:


  • Enroll in the Corporate Experience Program
  • Start a module in a core practice area (The modules contain a project for you to complete )
  • Get  instructions from supervisor (Each task comes with  instructions from  an employee )
  • Complete task & share your work
  • Each task replicates the type of work corporate professionals do
  • Compare your work with Industry model answers



What you will do


  • Understand the approaches to project management

    Associating projects to the most suitable project management approach

    Practical skills you will gain from working on this module:

    Project Management

    Strategic Analysis


  • Proposal Preparation

    Rationalize and create a pres