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Data Analytics

You will learn about the various tools and techniques used in the Industry in the field of Data analysis.

Power your data analyst career by learning the core principles of data analysis and gaining hands-on skills practice. You’ll work with a variety of data sources, project scenarios, and data analysis tools,

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Data Visualization

Learn advanced ways to present your data. This is a skill that is in high demand in various industries today. This includes charts, Visuals, Building active dashboards, and much more.

These Data visualization tools will provide you an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data 

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Trend Analysis

Trend analysis quantifies and explains trends and patterns in a “noisy” data over time. A “trend” is an upwards or downwards shift in a data set over time. You will be able to create meaningful conclusions from raw data and make predictions based on that. This is a highly demanded skills for the role of analysts.

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MS Excel

Among the computer programs which exist, Microsoft Excel is one of the most important because of the key role it plays in many sectors. It is the most used spreadsheet program in many business activities, classwork, and even personal data organization. Learn about functions, pivot table, VBA, macros, and so much more

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Tableau is a popular data visualization, reporting, and business intelligence tool and this free Tableau course will take you right from its basics to advanced topics. Get started with your career in analytics by learning Tableau. This free Tableau training helps you to build visualizations, organize data, and design dashboards to facilitate more data-driven business decisions.

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What is Data Analytics?

A study states that over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being generated every single day which is unstructured or semi-structured.

To process the massive amounts of data we need more effective algorithms. This is made possible by the Application of Data Analytics. Data Analytics is the application of structured statistical and mathematical techniques on collected data in order to detect underlying patterns as well as make predictions.

Benefits of Data Analytics

The domain of Data Analytics has been embraced by many industries for the outstanding benefits it offers. Data Analytics is a boon to modern-day businesses. Data Analytics helps businesses in making smarter decisions. Data Analytics improves efficiency and controls risks. Data Analytics also results in cost cuttings.

Payscale of Data Analytics

The domain of Data Analytics is observed to offer one of the highest-paid job roles in the country. Recent industry studies have revealed that the median CTC for Data Analytics professionals in India stands at Rs. 12 lakh/annum.

Job Positions of Data Analytics

There is a wide range of job roles offered in this domain. Professionals are seeking data analytics training to fit into the below set of job roles.

The following are the major responsibilities of a data analyst

  • Data Architect

  • Applications Architect

  • Infrastructure Architect

  • Enterprise Architect

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Engineer

  • Statistician

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Yashraj Purohit

It is an amazing course. In just 4 classes I have learnt so much about excel and all of the awesome features inside of it. Excel truly is an amazing software.......



The best thing about AptiSmart is the structure of courses. I learnt 3 new skills and their implementation in the simplest and best way possible. My CV has improved and I have added several projects to my portfolio after completion of the course. I am now applying for Data analyst role in several companies and I am confident that with my learnings from Aptismart, I will soon bag one...

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Kunal Gurjar

I would never have believed  that one can learn so much and so effectively from an online course. I enrolled for the course during lockdown.. I learnt a lot of new things and was finally able to get a job with a CTC of 13LPA. ​ Thanks to the teacher and AptiSmart :)

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Prachi Rana

Aptismart excel courses are pretty good, for the price what they are offering they cover all the basics which you need to learn about excel. I learnt things about excel which I had never heard before. This is one skill that has given me a lot of confidence. It is totally worth the money