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I have recently enrolled for a introduction to stock market course at aptismart.
Initially I always had a misconception that trading is somewhat the same as gambling. We take a 50-50 chance on whether the trade would go in our favor.
But after taking their course  , I was able to understand a lot of market and stocks, and my attitude towards stocks completely changed.i was able to understand where exactly to enter when it came to a particular trade , use indicators to give me better accuracy, use support and resistance to get a clear picture and so much more .
Aptismart helped me a lot in understanding stocks and helping me understand the finance aspects of the company also. Their teachers helped me clear any doubts I had related to the stock and it was very useful.
I would highly recommend aptismart for anyone who wants to learn stock market and finance

Arjun Balakumar

Stocks & Finance Course

to be honest... the best decision I have made to attend aptismart trading course... The course is well structured.. Live classes are an amazing way to learn, I was able to interact with the trainer and clear all kinds of queries. I was able to recover the course fee in just one month of trading. Thanks a lot Sir for your valuable guidance! 

Samuel Kurian

Stocks & Finance Course

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Aptismart excel courses are pretty good, for the price what they are offering they cover all the basics which you need to learn about excel. I learnt things about excel which I had never heard before. This is one skill that has given me a lot of confidence. It is totally worth the money

Prachi Rana

MS Excel Course

Being a newcomer, I couldn't have hoped for a better start to the equity world!

I gained deeper insights into the trading &  investment industry and my journey has been amazing...

I currently trade in crude & gold and I am proud to say that I am making consistent profits. 

A big thanks to AptiSmart

Aditya Kumar

Stocks & Finance Course

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AptiSmart has not only helped me make money but also understand what I should be looking for in growth.

I cannot recommend highly enough.

The teachings helped me compare companies and I am able to identify the right companies for Investment.

I have an amazing portfolio. All assets are diversified and I have managed to maximize my profits and minimize my risks..

Cheers to AptiSmart

Sahil Bansal

Stocks & Finance

The best thing about AptiSmart is the structure of courses. I learnt 3 new skills and their implementation in the simplest and best way possible.

My CV has improved and I have added several projects to my portfolio after completion of the course.

I am now applying for Data analyst role in several companies and I am confident that with my learnings from Aptismart, I will soon bag one...


Data Analytics Course

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The course provided by Aptismart is of high quality. Tricky concepts are made easy to learn and understand. The sir is very friendly and teaches excellent. He provides all the support to clarify our doubts and helps us pick up concepts.

Avani Martin

Stocks & Finance Course

I would never have believed  that one can learn so much and so effectively from an online course. I enrolled for the course during lockdown.. I learnt a lot of new things and was finally able to get a job with a CTC of 13LPA.

Thanks to the teacher and AptiSmart :)


Data Analytics Course

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“I came to know about AptiSmart  through facebook… At first i had a lot of doubts about what if it was a fraud, but after attending a few sessions,it turned out to be a life changing decision from me. 

Most of my days end in profit now. I have doubled my capital of 50 thousand in 3 months
I am proud to be part of  the AptiSmart community

Vighnesh Nambiar

Stocks & Finance Course

I took the IELTS course at Aptismart. The one-on-one interaction with the trainer was quite helpful, especially for the Speaking section.

The tips and tricks of the writing section helped me score good. 

Overall experience was good at AptiSmart.

My IELTS band score is 8.5 

Thanks to aptismart....

( Michigan, US )

IELTS Course

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It is an amazing course. In just 4 classes I have learnt so much about excel and all of the awesome features inside of it. Excel truly is an amazing software.......

Yashraj Purohit

MS Excel Course

"Trading and Investing is no more a gamble for me.. Everything is calculated.. I know my risks and rewards everytime I enter a trade... 

The strategies, I have learnt are amazing and very well explained...

Aptismart has given me a secondary source of income... 

I would definitely recommend the full course for anyone who wants to make money from the stock market..

Prachi Joshi

Stocks & Finance  Course

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